Orvis Helios H2 Rods wins Trident Fly Fishing 5 weight Shootout

Winner of the 2014 5-weight Shootout and the prestigious Poseidon Award is the Orvis Helios 2, Tip Flex. The Helios is Orvis’ lightest rod ever, but it’s also stronger and more accurate than any other rod they’ve made in the past.


We knew going into the shootout that the Helios was a great rod, but it certainly surprised us when it took first place. Casters commented that it was “Awesome” and “Great in close”. The Helios 2 really epitomizes the perfect 5-weight. It’s REALLY good at just about everything.


Orvis didn’t stop at performance. They’ve pushed all the limits. The Helios is one of the lightest rods in the test, and also has one of the lightest swing weights in the test. Casters gave it top marks for feel too. Finally, the Helios 2 is finished with the highest quality of workmanship and materials in Vermont, USA.

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